Solutions for automation of steam-generating unit

Solutions for automation of steam-generating unit

Location: Russia, Komi Republic
Project Start: 2012
Commissioning: 2014
Customer: ОOО «LUKOIL-Komi»

In 2012, EleSy company was assigned as a developer of the automated control system for the steam-generating unit located in Usinsk oil deposit. The unit is intended to effectively produce heavy crude oil by means of overheated steam supply with pressure applied into the oil layer.

Automation conditions

Under the project, EleSy company faced the following challenges:

  • to develop project documentation,
  • to develop and supply equipment for the automation system,
  • to conduct pre-commissioning activities.

Project Solutions

Project and engineering documentation was developed, and the control system for steam-generating unit was developed and delivered to the object in short times. The solution is realized on the basis of ELSY-TM PLC and SCADA Infinity software complex.


The automated control system is realized on a single software and element basis. This allows to optimize costs for further exploitation.


In 2014, the steam-generating unit was commissioned. This steam-generating unit allowed to increase the effectiveness and production volume of heavy crude oil on the Usinsk oil deposit.